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about zaa

/// A little something about zaa ///

Where do I live? My Home sweet home in Malaysia, a country that is famous for their nasi lemak & teh tarik (milk + tea)!A place with scatter of mamaks that open till late night, many good foodies to serve your hungry tummy at anytime and anywhere you want.

Describe my home sweet home in 3 words. Rich, colorful, but messy.

Describe myself in 3 words. Indecisive. Food lover. Daydreamer.

What do I see outside my window? Many many cats… meow.

What’s my dream home like? A minimal space that build with raw concrete or textured walls, have many art prints or paintings lays around the walkway, a kitchen space that equipped with a mini coffee bar and a multi-function island, and of cause a spacious room library for my collection of books and junks… a little terrarium garden it’s a must have! Thinking… it would be best if I can even have a little corner for my crafts: mud & clays!

What do I have on my desk? Books… book… books… my Mac & Iphone4!

What is my favorites food? Mushroom, pesto and tomatoes.

Do I own a pet? Yes!! A dog named collie.

What do I collect? Toy figures, tapes, fabrics, illustration books, postcards, plates and cups, handmade materials, blogs bookmarking and cookbooks.

What is my favorite color? em…

What is the thing I do after work? Sometimes yoga time, sometimes bake right after a hectic day or maybe just lay around on my lovely sofa and watch the night show!

What is on my dinner list? It could be Egg omelet, sautéed mushroom or maybe rice!

Do I own a camera? Yeap! I have a holga, Diana f+, D60-myNIKON and a Fuji Instax Mini Polaroid! Wishing to get a new lens for my DSLR…

Beer & coffee? Strong Bow!! Ciders!!  [Coffee break] my steamy hot latte!

Dessert? PAVLOVA. Chocolate torte. Tiramisu.

How do I relax? Travel, yoga or sleep.

My next travel spot? Kinabalu

What is my first impression to friends? Petite, fierce (chili-padi: this is how they describe fierce in Bahasa Malaysia).

Word for my fellow readers. Be happy and smile! Do dream and be crazy!


2 comments on “about zaa

  1. Pix Under the Oaks
    February 22, 2014

    Thank you for your visit and “follow”! I think I am going to like it here. I LOVE FOOD! Next best thing.. pictures of FOOD.

    • zaazaaland
      February 22, 2014

      so great to hear that! will definitely have more food posting soon… have a great day!

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