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Different type of kimbap in korean

Do you love to eat kimbap?
I love my kimbap filled with lots of radish and kimchi, eat it with one mouthful would be the best way to do it!

I went on a site that teaches korean using different pictorial poster, it’s refreshing! Its a fun way to learn up a new language. Anybody who love to learn some korean word, do drop by to domandhyo site. He is the creator of the website, he (Dom) is an american that lives in korea to teach english, and thats where he begin his love story with his girl friend (Hyo). There’s also some cute little episodes of comic created by Dom, that depicted his chapters of life in korea, you will get to pick up some interesting facts about korea.

kindsofkimbap-copy1 (1)

Image via domandhyo.

Enjoy! Let’s eat!


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