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Remembering the 21st day of Feb in year 2012

On the 21st / feb / 2012, that’s where i decided to leave… to where?

To the great big land near Australia – i called it the “moo moo land”.
I grabbed my E-visa and a bag packs filled with the most needed items, then i left and catch my flight with a friend to the wanted land.

… and it has been a year plus from the day i returned to my homeland, and yet all the photos are still hidden.

and its been long seeing all my photos sitting quietly in my i-photo storage folder… Its time to start posting some photos i took back from the “moo moo” land. Its just like an anniversary! Remembering the same date in 2012, the day i flew off and enjoy my working holiday vacation! And its awesome.

Oh yea, did i mention we flew off to New Zealand on the 21st day of Feb in year 2012?

cheers1-dayinNZcheers2-dayinNZThat’s where we begin our working holiday vacation! Can’t really say that’s a sabbatical for us, cos we really need to work our way out to earn our traveling pocket money!

We landed in Auckland, New Zealand… the first thing that captures me was the sky blue sky… ! really loving it.

cheers3-dayinNZcheers-dayinNZJourney starts here…



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