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Go chinese roasted crispy pork belly! 烧肉来啦!

Pork-ie lover, here i am.
I am the no.1 fan of roasted pork! I always thought its a very hard dish to cook, but after the trial and error, it wasn’t as hard as i thought. So, let’s start marinating the porky…

roastedpork1Simple step: marinate —> refrigerate —> roast —> grill —> done!

roastedpork2Roasting session up to 200 degree celsius! hot grilling!

roastpork1roastpork2Chinese Roasted Crispy Pork Belly
(serving for 6-8 person)

1.5 – 2kg pork belly with skin (preferably 3 layers belly)

For crispy pork skin:
2 tbsp coarse salt (rub on pork skin)
3 tbsp vinegar (extra to brush on skin- for crispy skin)

For pork marination:
2 cubes of  preserved fermented RED beancurd (nam yu)
1 tbsp Chinese five spice powder (can be reduce)
1 tbsp white pepper
1 tbsp salt
1 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp Mei Kuei Lu Jiu (玫瑰露酒) or rice wine (preferably 玫瑰露酒)


Preparation for pork belly before roasting:
Wash and pat dry the pork belly, make sure the that’s no pig fur on the skin. Score the pork meat lightly with shallow cuts (like 1 cm deep and 2cm apart). Poke many small holes all over the pork skin, using wood skewers stick.

Pork marination:
Mix all the ingredients for marination in a small bowl. Rub the marinate all over the meat side of the pork belly (do not rub on the skin). Place the marinated pork belly at a baking tray, let the skin face upwards, then rub the skin with 2tbs of coarse salt, place the pork uncovered in the refrigerator overnight or 2 days (must do step – it will air dry the pork throughly).

Pork roasting day: (thaw the pork belly for like 20 minute before roasting)
Pre-heat the oven to 200-230 celcius (upper & lower heating mode). Place pork belly on the wire rack in the middle of the oven. Place a baking tray below the wire rack for the oil dripping purpose (wrap the tray with aluminum foil – easier for cleaning).

Roast the pork for 20-25 minutes (check on the pork meat on and off, make sure its cook), then set the oven into grill mode. Take the belly out, use the wood skewer and poke holes on the skin again, wipe off the oil on the surface, then brush the vinegar throughly on the pork skin only (it will make a good crispy skin). Place the pork belly back to the oven at the upper rack, watch closely on the crackling skin sound from the oven, it indicates that the oil is breaking out from the surface of the skin. Open the oven slightly to let the air in if the oven is burning to hot.

Monitor the skin of the pork, if many bubbles bursting up on the skin, means its near to done, the bubble and crackling sound is making the skin crispy. When you see all bubbles around the whole pork skin, then its done! I always like my belly to be slightly golden brown, some part of the skin are burned brown, it will be good to served.

Cool down the roasted pork for 15 minutes before cutting it. You will hear the crispy sound of the skin when you slicing it. The belly skin should be light and crispy!

roastpork3ta-da! I present you the very crispy roasted pork belly! Leftovers of the belly would be good for other dish… tbc.

Enjoy the recipe! cook & smile.


3 comments on “Go chinese roasted crispy pork belly! 烧肉来啦!

  1. KJ @ alwaystravelicious.com
    November 20, 2014

    That looks Yums ! Did you use black or white vinegar ?

    • zaazaaland
      November 21, 2014

      i used white vinegar! that’s good enough to get the crispy cracking skin.

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