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Playing with mud at Clay Expression

I am back on pottery making!

I used to join some clay making class few years back, its so fun from the start of kneading the clay till making and sculpting your clay object. Pottery isn’t just a hobby to me, its like a process of finding the peace, in a way to make yourself to be more patient and calm, haha that’s what i need to be. No question ask, i definitely enjoy the moment of building up a tiny block of clay to something that you visual it to be, that’s satisfying!

mudThis year, i decided to go back to clay making, getting back the touch that i missed. And it’s rewarding. Now, i can make my own pots for my cactus, that’s just awesome.

mud2I started to learn how to make pots in different techniques, like pinching, coiling, slab, pottery throwing, and also sculpturing. The second piece that i made (top pictures), its a method by my teacher – combining the pinch and coil, i learned to appreciate the form of sculpture, probably see an object in many different phases. I am still new at this, but i really enjoy the touch of clay when i am hand building it. Pinch by pinch, bit by bit, you will see the transition of the form. Its nice.

I will have more progress on the hand building, hopefully i could glaze up some piece soon.

oh yea, i enrolled my class at clayexpression.

Say cheese to clay making! and be happey,people!


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